The Safe, Easy coil tail processing addition.

Die feeders are built to suit, application specific. Sometimes they are dedicated to a tool and mounted directly on the entry side of the tool, sometimes bolster mount, sometimes bolster mounted with passline adjustment.

The die feeder consists of two hardened pinch rolls which are closed by air cylinders and driven by an air motor.

The feeder is intended to be installed between the main servomotor driven feeder and the tooling.

When the end of the material exits the servofeeder, then the die feeder rolls are closed onto the material and the operator will use the air motor drive to push the material forward into position for the next press cycle. Continue to manually position the material, then cycle the press until the material exits from the die feeder.

The feeder is designed to be mounted directly on the tooling or onto the bolster when supplied with the optional base.

Where these help:
-Better material yield, less scrap
-Less manual pulling of the end of strip thru the die
-Less need for operator to go into the press
-On rolling bolster machines, pulling the tail past the column allows the bolster to be shifted out with the strip in place and get the next tool in quicker.
-Much safer for the press operators.
-Saves time at coil change, at die change.

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