1. Standard Dies


  • Catalogue number.
  • Length required to the nearest two-foot increment.
  • Length tolerance +2″ -0″.
  1. Special Purpose Dies


  • Drawing and, or, part samples.


  • Material type, thickness, and temper.
  • Press make, model, tonnage, stroke, shut-height, bed length.


  • Sample material if in-shop tryout is requested.
  1. Options

Matched Shut Height:

  • For multiple tool set-up on the same press.

Tongue Types:

  • Safety, metric, specials available at an additional charge.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all dies are supplied with standard tongues.

Die Steel:

  • Unless otherwise specified, all tools will be made from pre-hardened brake die steel at 265-280 Brinell.

Polished Finishes:

  • For materials such as polished stainless or painted stock “Finer Polishing” will be priced on request.

Flame Hardening:

  • The working radii of a punch or die can be hardened on request.
  • Chrome plating or other hard coatings are available.

Tool Reconditioning:

  • Machining service for tooling up to 30 feet.
  • Restoring to original specifications.
  • Re-dressing, radius, and angle changes.


  • Die riser blocks crowned to suit press deflection.