Mecon Industries is a leading manufacturer of custom equipment!

January 2014 saw Mecon Industries celebrate the half century anniversary of providing innovative solutions, quality products and services to the industry. Mecon’s strength is in the complete handling of projects. From the initial design, thru fabrication and assembly, to operational testing, Mecon delivers solutions. We design, build, and test coil handling equipment, fixtures, press brake tooling, conveyors, and automation equipment for the marine, aerospace, and automotive industries of Canada, US and other countries.

With a wide range of experience in many fields, we are able to create cost effective designs and long lasting equipment. Mecon offers a variety of services (and materials) for your projects and manufacturing challenges: Engineering, Custom Build, General Machining, Custom Fabrication, Brake Press Tooling, Coil Handling (Processing) Machines, and Rebuild of Machinery.

We are recognised in the industry as a leading supplier of Press Brake Tooling for bending sheet metal and plate, as well as Coil Handling Equipment manufacturer for the metal stamping industry.

Coil Handling Equipment Manufacturer you can trust!

Mecon Industries is a reliable coil processing and coil handling equipment manufacturer that always delivers high quality durable machines. Established in 1964, we are one of the most experienced producers of custom coil handling equipment in Canada.  Each system is tailored to your specific production and material requirements, one shoe does not fit all. Read more

Mecon Industries is a reliable press brake tooling manufacturer and supplier

From the days of a hammer being used to shape steel, today’s sophisticated numerically controlled press brakes have come a long way. So have the tools, the punches and dies. Channels, offsets, hems, to name a few, all rely on correct punch and die tools sets to complete the work. Mecon Industries has been a reliable press brake tooling designer and manufacturer of tools for many years.

We specialize in both standard and custom press brake tooling which translates into a great assortment of tools and accessories, from various shapes of punches and dies, to complex multi- hit, multi bend tooling, to simple work supports. Our wide range of press brake tools is well presented in the press brake tooling section.  Read more