Makes Money-Losing Job a Winner for Mecon Industries
(SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO, CANADA) – Difficult jobs can be a reminder why it’s good to keep up with the latest cutting-tool advances. For Mecon Industries (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada), new Beyond™ tooling from Kennametal was the difference between potential failure on a job no one could cut to delivering the part on time as promised.

Beyond is Kennametal’s newest line of tooling, a complete portfolio of new grades and geometries for cutting cast-iron, steel, stainless steel, and high-temperature alloys. Beyond tools are engineered to increase metal-removal rates and extend tool life, significantly in many cases. Says Ujjwal (UJ) Baid, Kennametal Senior Product Manager, “Depending on the application, field tests have shown anywhere from 30% to 300% improvement.”

Supporting Beyond’s improved levels of performance are a number of technology features. Beyond tools feature a new post-coat surface treatment that improves edge toughness, reliability, and depth-of-cut notch resistance, and micro-polishes the surface to reduce friction and workpiece sticking (BUE). A fine-grained alumina layer accommodates increases in cutting speed, improving productivity.

All the new Beyond inserts are CVD (chemical vapor deposition) coated, but where conventional CVD coatings are under tensile stress, Beyond inserts undergo a proprietary post-coat treatment on all surfaces […]