Handling steel coils is not an easy task. They are big, heavy, and require training to work with in a safe manner. A crane or a lift truck are usually user to transfer the coiled material to the processing station. The coils are then loaded either on a reel style or cradle style uncoiling system.  Cradle style uncoilers are relatively easy to load, you basically lower your coil onto the cradle, position the sides guides to center the coil and your coil is ready to be released. On a reel type the process is not as easy. You have a large heavy object either hanging or sitting on a lit truck with a hole in it. Task, thread the hole on a mandrel, not an easy task with a multi ton steel coil.

The task is simplified and made much safer with a COIL CAR.  A traveling fixture that travels on tracks to move the coil in a controlled manner. Narrow coils are supported with arms. The coil can now be precisely moved left, right, up, down and rotated (with rotating top option) to easily  thread the coil on the mandrel.   More options->