Servo Feeders

Feeder Straighteners

Coil Lines



Consider these options to maximize production with safety:

  • Coil Car
  • Upenders
  • Threading Table
  • Hold Down Arm
  • Material Guidance
  • Shear
  • Stacking Pallets
  • Part Conveyors
  • Multi-Function Pendant
  • Feeder Exit Table
  • Side Shift Base
  • Laser Loop Control

Coil Car with Narrow Coil Keeper Arms

  • Typical power lift of 20″, 110” travel 1,000 to 60,000 lbs.
  • Dual scissor stabilizer to support top of car when loaded off center

Material Guidance systems: ROLLER KEEPERS

  • Roller Keepers are used to align the coil to process centerline
  • Prevent coil telescoping during unwinding.

Material Guidance systems

  • Screw adjust side side guides help hold the material square and centered as it enters the straightener.
  • Screw adjust side guides are selfcentering, roll position is set by hand wheel.

Multifunction pendant

  • Multifunction pendant (replaces standard 2 button jog pendant)
  • Mode select: Setup- Manual- Automatic, Reset, Feeder Auto start, Feeder Auto stop, Jog Reverse, Jog Forward

Coil System Threading Table

  • Eliminate the need for the operator to carry the start of the material from the coil to the straightener
  • Safe material handling operation

Mecon Laser Loop Control System:

  • Controls the uncoiling process to supply material into an accumulation loop at a rate sufficient to meet or exceed the demands of the machine pulling material from the loop.
  • Provides a simple method of setting the operating limits, the operating parameters, and the mode of the loop control.
  • Allows the uncoiling process to run without abrupt changes in speed.

Coil Upender

  • Easy and safe way to upend not only metal coils, but also molds, dies and other heavy and bulky loads.
  • Available 1,000-60,000lbs standard, custom to you requirement.

OverArm Powered and Un-powered

  • Clamps onto the coil to contain the coil end when the straps are cut
  • Helps keep the coil tight during automatic payout


  • Modular construction to allow easy integration
  • CRU-WEAR High chrome, high carbon tool steel shear blades with 4 cutting edges 1/2 x 3″.
  • CYCLE TIME less than 1.5 sec.

Perimeter Safety Fencing

  • 2.5″ sq. posts lagged to the floor.
  • Spaces between are posts fitted with panels 1.5 x 1.5 angle frame and 10 ga. x 1 x 1 welded wire.
  • Fixed panels are bolted in place.  Any fixed panel may be removed by unbolting.
  • Sliding or hinged doors may be placed anywhere in the perimeter/
  • Telescoping doors and light curtains available
  • Fully programmable multiple Safety Zones

Stacking Pallets

  • Adjustable posts to align blanks for stacking.
  • Sub frame with cross tubes for lift truck forks and corner posts for stacking.
  • Guide posts mounted on Tee Slotted bars for positioning
  • Guide posts mounted on sliding and pivoting bases.
  • Custom designed for your requirement.

Die Feeder

  • The tail out feeder mounts adjacent to the tooling and is used to deliver the end of the strip into the tooling.
  • The feeder reduces the handling time and reduces waste.  More of the tail is used to make parts, and the smaller tail is much easier to remove from the die.
  • The feeder is mounted onto existing die or to the press bolster.  Build to suit actual passline requirements.
diefeeder 400df48 diefeeder 400df48


Feeder Exit Table

  • This version has a solid top, spring suspension, and is extendable
  • Options: mount for strip lubricator, roller top, nylon top, …
  • Design to suit site requirements.
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