Typical system requirements and proposed solutions:

Line 3: Coil Car Uncoiler Straightener Servo Feeder

Requirement:   30,000 lbs. x 48” wide coil feed system for steel

Maximum coil weight: 30,000 lbs.
Min/Max coil I.D.: 19 ½” -24 ½”
Max coil O.D.: 72”
Max coil width: 48”
Max stock thickness: (50KSI yield) .118” @ 42”
Max stock thickness: (90KSI yield) .078” @ 42”
Min stock thickness: .020”
Max progression: 24”
Max line speed: 47 SPM
System Configuration: Conventional Feed Line
Progression range: 0 to 999.99”
Min/Max line speed: 10-94 FPM
Power supply: 480 volt, 3PH, 60Hz
Air supply: 80 psi
Straightener with opening top to facilitate the cleaning of the rolls.

Proposed Solution:

Coil car model 300cc with powered top rolls.

  • 30,000LBS capacity
  • A coil car with power lift of 20″, 110” travel, hydraulic system common to uncoiler.
  • Dual scissor stabilizer to support top of car when loaded off center.

Uncoiler model 300btj48 with optional side shift.

  • Single spindle uncoiler, with threading / rewinding drive, and air brake.
  • 4 segment mandrel with ramp style hydraulic expansion.
  • Uncoiler side shift, 18″ of travel.  The uncoiler is mounted on bronze bearings and is shifted sideways by a hydraulic cylinder for easy alignment of the coil to the process.  Uncoiler may be shifted during processing or loading.
  • The mandrel is 4 segments, with wedge style expansion and is hydraulically expanded/retracted.  Id range 19″ to 24.5″, O.D. max. 60″ with coil car (optional 72″max O.D.)

Heavy Duty HD48 Threading – Coil over arm with power wheel. Peeler / coil breaker.

  • The over arm clamps onto the coil to contain the coil end when the straps are cut.
  • The wheel is powered by a hydraulic motor and drives the coil to thread the start of the coil to the input pinch rolls of the straightener.
  • The coil breaker lifts to press the strip against a flattening block on over arm and thus de-kink the start of the strip.  This allows easy threading of steel into straightener.

Powered Straightener model 5-4str48bu

  • 11 hardened and ground rolls running on precision needle bearings,
  • 2 entrance pinch rolls, 5.000″ diameter, close onto material to drive starting edge thru straightener, not required to change straightener settings for threading,
  • 2 exit pinch rolls, 5.000″ diameter, open for threading, close for running,
  • 7 straightening rolls, 4.000″ diameter, 4 lower rolls all driven, 3 upper rolls idle,
  • Individual power adjust upper rolls, position shown on .001″ graduation counters.
  • Straightener drive. Variable Frequency AC Motor control with AC induction motor.
  • Speed 0-60 fpm. Infinitely variable.
  • These drive systems give very smooth acceleration and deceleration with no sudden shocks to the material or drive components, and thus extend machine life and limit material marking.
  • The drive system will be upgraded to 30 hp (to support the required feed/SPM requirement) to match the capacity of the straightener and the 30,000 lbs. coil.  Material guidance
  • Coil peeler and breaker guide material into straightener.
  • Entrance vertical guide rolls to track the material.
  • Exit ramp rolls support strip as it exits straightener and drops into loop.
Typical Performace, contact Mecon Engineering for your requirement.


Material: Steel 70,000 psi
Thickness: 3/8
Width: 8”
Coil weight: 10,000 lbs
Process speed: 34 fpm
Feed length: 8”
Press speed: 50spm
Pass line height: 46″
System voltage: 575v, 3-phase, 60 Hz;

Proposed Solution:


  • 6str18 straightener upgrade
  • motorized straightener adjustment screw
  • adjust side guide rolls side plate rolls
  • drive upgrade to 20 hp
  • laser loop control
  • extra heavy duty threading
  • end pivot threading table

FEEDER: 600F18 with Antibackup brake

  • Floor base- power pass line adjust
  • Screw adjust sideguide with offset adjust

with screw adjust side guides and rolling floor base.
Capacity: 3/8” x 18″ wide
Maximum Width: 37.5″ for model

Capacity: 3/8” x 18″ wide
Maximum Width: 19.5″ for model
Maximum coil wt: 20,000 lb

Requirement: Cut to length system

Material: 16-26GA steel
Coil Weight:  20,000lb coils
Width Material: 28 ½” to 54″
Cut lengths:  6 ¼ to 82 1/2”
Floor space: 55ft
Coil loading beside uncoiler

Important Considerations:
Tight tolerance on length.
Out of square causes problems
Rewinding of partial coils
Coil Handling streamline and automate
Stacking system, even stacking very important
Minimize marking.

Feed line- Cut to length system- with stacker

MECON Cut To Length Line with Conveyor Stacker system

Proposed Solution:

Coil car – 200cc with Coil keeper arms

  • 20,000lbs capacity, 19″ vertical lift, 120″ travel

Uncoiler – 200m60         

  • 20,000lbs. capacity
  • 60”, 4 segment mandrel with hydraulic expansion 18” to 22” diameter
  • Overarm with idle wheel
  • 100” travel base with tractor drive
  • Overarm with idle wheel
  • End Pivot, hydraulic lift threading table EPH 60 x 150
  • The threading table is used to eliminate the need for the operator to carry the start of the material from the coil to the straightener .
  • Extended entry conveyor with ramp .
  • 2 sets side guide rolls with centering screw adjust .
  • Coil centerline laser .

Combination Feeder Straightener – 4str60                                                          .

  • 11 hardened and ground rolls running on precision needle bearings,
  • Bearings lubricated from centralized manifolds (hand lubricated)
  • Entrance and exit pinch rolls; air actuated, lower rolls driven,
  • 2 entrance pinch rolls, 4.000″ diameter, close onto material to drive starting edge thru straightener, not required to change straightener settings for threading,
  • 2 exit pinch rolls, 4.000″ diameter, open for threading, close for running, servo drive with 575v to 440v transformer
  • Flex system control HMI with I/O for shear control
  • Exit side guide rolls with centering screw adjust

Shear – 08hs60

  • THICKNESS .080″ AT   60″ WIDE  60,000 UTS MILD STEEL
  • THICKNESS 0.004″
  • CYCLE TIME 2 seconds

Requirement: Uncoil 2 steel coils at the same time

Material: Steel 30,000 psi
Thickness: 20Ga
Width: 2″-15″
Coil weights: 1500 lbs
Process speed: 200 fpm
Press speed: 120spm

Proposed Solution:

Dual UNCOILER   model T15M16

  • CAPACITY                                            1,500 lbs. per spindle
  • MAXIMUM WIDTH                          16″
  • COIL ID. RANGE                                12″ to 21″
  • COIL MAXIMUM OD                       60” typical
  • dual spindle uncoiler,
  • 3/4 hp DC spindle drive on each spindle
  • Drives are controlled manually for jogging the coil, and automatically by the loop controlers during run.

MECON model T15M16 Tandem spindle uncoiler with 2 complete 15M uncoiler spindles



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