Company history and profile

Mecon opened its doors in 1962. We officially incorporated as Mecon Industries Limited in 1964. From our beginnings as a tool shop in 650 square feet of space we’ve grown to our current size of 66,000 square feet of fabrication and assembly space. We have professional engineers in design and technical sales. We do all of our own design work in either 2D or 3D format. Our clients range across Canada, the US, Mexico and Europe. To insure we meet our clients’ needs we have developed and implemented an internal quality assurance program.

Our company’s strength is in handling complete projects from initial design to build to operational testing. Our capabilities allowed us to take on jobs from many different industries. We build, test and assembly fixtures, tooling, conveyors, and automation equipment for the marine, aerospace, and automotive industries. Mecon designed and manufactured the mechanical portion of various sizes of pipeline inspection tools and built a number of fully enclosed plating systems that use a toxic gas as a medium.

Along with the custom design and build projects, we focus on two areas: Press brake tooling for bending sheet and plate, and coil handling equipment for the metal stamping industry.

We design, manufacture, and test custom press brake tooling for any material thickness and material type, from steel to aluminum to exotics like zircalloy. Our 5 planers range in length from 12 to 30 feet long. We also have a 200-ton hydraulic press for tryouts. With our experience we can combine bends in a single hit tool, to reduce the number of hits to complete a part. We also stock a line of standard tools for off the shelf delivery.

The coil-handling equipment line started as a custom design and build project. From there we built up a complete line of equipment that covers the coil weight range from 2,500 lbs. to 60,000 lbs. We build uncoilers, straighteners, feeds, cradle –straighteners, and feeder-straighteners. Other machines and combinations include our combination cradle straightener feed, zigzag feeds, or complete cut to length or flexible manufacturing lines.

Mecon has a wide range of experience in many fields that we are able to translate into solid designs, and economical hard working equipment.

Mecon offers a variety of services and materials for your metal handling needs:


  • APEO Certificate of Authorization to provide Professional Engineering services
  • Manufacturing consulting, process or machine specification, design, feasibility studies, etc.
  • Extensive design with computer (SolidWorks and CADKEY software)

General Machining

  • CNC Double Column Machining Center
  • Horizontal and vertical milling
  • CNC milling
  • Planing to 30 feet
  • Turning to 28″ diameter x 10 feet
  • CNC turning
  • Drilling
  • Cylindrical and surface grinding


  • Flame cutting
  • Forming
  • MIG, TIG, stick welding
  • Fabrications to 10 tons in weight
  • Shearing to 0.75″ x 96″
Brake Press Tooling

  • Multiple hit dies
  • Matched shut height tools
  • Custom tooling (for steel, stainless, aluminum, etc.): design, construction, and testing
  • Press brake accessories: angles, bolsters, spacers, etc.
  • Repairs to dies, rails, clamps, bolsters
  • Standard tools in stock

Coil Processing Machines

  • Capacity to 60,000 pounds standard
  • Coil cars, uncoilers, straighteners
  • Coil cradles, coilcradle-straighteners
  • Precision electronic roll feeds
  • Threading systems

Custom Built/Rebuilt Machinery

  • Design and manufacture of special-purpose machines
  • Recondition and alter existing machines
  • Retrofit updated components