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Mecon Model 500ccs72 with 6str72 -9 Roll Straightener

New rules, new tools. Designed to handle a wide range of very strong materials and features a 6” HSLA STRAIGHTENER with 9 rolls, 4 over 5, doing the work. Powered by a monster 50HP motor.

The system is designed to handle 50,000 lbs. X 72” of various materials including .157” HSLA, @90,000psi yield strength.

System includes: Staging coil ramp, Cradle Uncoiler with Over Arm, Heavy Duty Threading, 9 roll (4 rolls over 5 driven rolls) Geometry HSLA Straightener and End pivot table to guide material over to the feeder. This system is a beast!

Coil Cradles

Easy, fast loading of coils is the single most important benefit offered by cradle-type uncoilers. They are often used in combination with straighteners for faster loading and adjustment, low power requirements and maintenance. Cradle-straighteners also save plant floor space.


  • Rugged heavy duty steel construction
  • Self centering coil keeper plates
  • Lifting points for crane
  • Forklift truck lifting tubes
  • Driven cradle and straightening rolls
  • All rolls hardened to 55RC
  • All lubrication points marked and easily accessible
  • Capacities from 0.060” to 0.375” mild steel, 12” to 72” (larger sizes call for quote)
  • Standard payout speed of 0 to 80 fpm.
  • Digital indicators show straightener roll position
  • Standard straightener head with entry and exit pinch rolls and 7 straightening rolls. (( available for new high strength steels)


  • Suited to process thick material.
  • Easy and safe loading of coil.
  • Accepts any range of coil I.D., and wider ranges of O.D.
  • Confinement of coil helps in control of heavy materials.
  • Straightener is easily built-in and synchronized with process speed.
  • Suited to addition of threading systems for routing of heavy materials into feeds.
  • Self contained, easy to relocate and setup


  • Rewind of unused material may be difficult
  • Not recommended for use with thin, prefinished, or mark sensitive materials

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