Mecon Industries is a press brake tooling manufacturer with wide product line of dies punches and accessories

Mecon Industries is a reliable supplier of press brake tooling for the North American market. We offer various dies and punches (standard, heavy duty, special, hemming, etc) along with die rails, punching plates, stops, etc for different production needs. Please check our How to Order Dies webpage and Press Brake Tooling manufacturer section for detailed specifications of tools and accessories we can provide. Can’t find what you need, send us a drawing of the part to be made and a custom tool will be designed.

Years of expertise in Canada’s press brake tooling industry

Mecon Industries was established in 1963 and has evolved with the press brake tooling industry of Canada. Nowadays, we have a large production facility in Toronto, highly qualified engineers and years of experience which all reflects in the fine quality of our products. We are well known not only as a press brake tooling manufacturer in Canada, but also as a designers, engineers and manufacturers of special application equipment for a variety of industries ranging from marine to aerospace to the automotive sectors of the economy. Expertise gained from the successful completion of many projects has allowed Mecon to build a good reputation and a high level of trust with our existing clients.

Looking for a press brake tooling manufacturer in Canada and the US?

Mecon Industries is the right choice for you! Finding the supplier of press brake tooling in Canada and US is not an easy task with numerous distributors, resellers and others. Mecon Industries is a supplier and press brake tooling manufacturer at the same time which makes us perfect fit for procurement departments. Interested in our products? Check our online Press Brake Tooling quotation form to request quote or call us today at +1 (416) 751-1901 to find out more information about press brake tooling for.

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