Custom, Purpose built systems. C-Channel punching Machine


C-Channel Processing line, Customizable to any requirement


Machine to punch holes in 2” and 3” C-channel  Various lengths from 30 to 50 ft.

-C3 X 3.5      2 rows of holes 9/16” dia., 1- 3/16” side to side, 4” pitch

-C4 X 4.5     2 rows of holes 9/16” dia., 2- 3/16” side to side, 4” pitch

Process requirement:

-Target Performance:   Process 3000+ft of channel per hour.

-Operator to manually load pre-cut to length material and feed into machine.

-Machine closes entry pinch rolls, aligns the starting edge and proceeds to process the channel, punching 12 holes per press stroke until channel finished.

Proposed Solution: 

The system to consist of the following components:

Entry conveyor: 

-Non-powered, 40ft long, 3” diameter rolls on 18” centers.

-Passline height 42” (Width TBD, quote based on 16” wide conveyor)

-2 pairs of self-centering side guides to align the channel to the punching system

System Frame: the entry pinch rolls, the Hydraulic press components, exit pinch rolls.

Material entry laser sensor:

-Precision laser system to detect start of channel. Once detected, entry pinch rolls close and the system is ready to start.

Entry Pinch Rolls:

-Bottom roll – Servo driven 6” diameter feed roll, drives the bottom surface of the channel,

-Top roll –6” diameter x 1.5” wide contacts inner surface of web.

-Top roll pinch force applied by air cylinder, pressure set manually.

-Rolls are 1045 steel, induction hardened to 55-60 Rc, precision ground, surface treated and chrome coated for a hard, high friction surface giving excellent grip and long life.

Hydraulic punch press with tooling mount for offset beam processing

-9/16″ punch tool 1 for 3.5” channel 12 punches

-9/16″ punch tool 2 for 4.5” channel 12 punches

Hydraulic punch press 50 tons (to be confirmed)

-Press bed has 12 punch and die retainers for 9/16” holes mounted in 2 rows of 6, one set for 1 3/16”, one set for 2- 3/16”

-Punch heights are staggered in ¼” steps to punch 4 holes at the same time.

-First to contact punches positions 1, 2, 11, 12 (full length)

-2nd to contact                                     positions 3, 4,9,10 (1/4” shorter)

-3rd to contact                                     positions 5,6,7,8 (1/2” shorter)

-Opening for maintenance: 4”

-Opening when in Automatic: 1”

-Tools mounted in sliding holder, adjustable +/- 1” from center (confirm)

-Minimum 1-1/4” from outer edge of channel.

-Opening for maintenance: 4”

-Opening when in Automatic: 1” set by limit switch

-Fixed height stripper bar.

Exit Pinch Rolls: Same construction as entry pinch rolls

Exit Material Sensor:

-Signals exit pinch rolls to close when material is thru pinch rolls and open when the processed material leaves the system.

Control System:

-Part pattern to be stored in control system memory.

-Control console contains the HMI (touch screen for machine control), main power disconnect, and Emergency Stop.

-Safety circuits: Dual Channel E-stop, Dual channel Gate monitor

   Estimated performance:

                                24” progression  .75

                                Punch cycle time  1.25sec                

 Average process speed  target 50ft/min



Servo Feeders

Feeder Straighteners

Coil Lines